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In Nuggets of Gold from the Ash Pit, author Michael Howard explains how the book of Job, known for its harrowing and difficult story of Job’s fall at the hands of the devil, is in fact filled with golden nuggets of encouragement right from the throne of God—if only we are willing to dig for them. In the face of the death, destruction, lamentation, and accusation in the book of Job, we can also find hopeful, loving lessons from God that speak to his compassion for all of his children, regardless of the circumstances. And it is also a lesson for us, one meant to lift us up into God’s presence and bring us into communion with him.

Job was a man who had it all, and then he had it all taken away. But from him we can learn how to deal with adversity when it comes, choosing to bless God and persevere. When it comes to the book of Job, we have to dig a little deeper in the ash pit to find encouragement. It is there, though, and we can find it.